Toro TimeMaster 30" (76cm) Blade Brake Clutch Lawn Mower (21810)


The Toro TimeMaster is an impressive performer, leaving a beautiful finish every time. With a 30” (76cm) twin blade, the Timemaster makes short work of even large lawns and is fitted with Toro's auto-drive Self-propel system with Traction assist, it will effortlessly push its weight around your garden. Now with a Quick Storage lever for easy and compact storage, it's convenient and easy to stow away when you've finished the lawn.


For homeowners with large gardens, the Toro® TimeMaster® covers more ground in far less time. The sleek, lightweight body is surprisingly easy to maneuver, making it simple to circle trees or shrubs. The Dual-Force™ twin-blade cutting system combined with Toro Atomic blades makes light work of grass cutting on a large scale and whether you collect or recycle the clippings, you're sure of superior quality of cut.


  • Dual-Force™ Cutting System twin blades chops clippings into tiny bits and forces them back into the turf where they decompose quickly and provide nutrients and moisture to the soil.
  • 76cm Mowing Deck makes light work of grass cutting on a large scale
  • Automatic Drive® Self-Propel with Traction Assist Handle senses and smoothly adjusts to your preferred walking pace
  • Quick Storage Lever for Easy, Compact Storage

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